Envalytics v1.0 is here!

Hey fellow authors!

I’m here to announce that Envalytics v1.0 stable has been released!

Provides you with detailed sales calendar, per item sales calendar, best week, today vs yesterday and so much more!


Really nice!

Can we get yearly statistics too?

Also it counts reversals as items in best sellers :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey there!

Thanks, can you detail a little?

Like yearly per item, overall?


Yearly best sellers

You can already generate yearly best selllers.

On best Sellers page just select begin of year to end of year as the interval.

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Mine’s not working. Tried it in July as well and I cannot reset it!

LAST ERROR [30th July 2017 20:55] IMPORT ERROR CODE: -
LAST API CHECK 2 minutes ago

Token is added, everything is okay, but no refresh or reset button… :expressionless:

Very helpful. Thanks!

Hi there!

Please retry, I’ve reset your account.

Let me know about it

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Thanks for this tool; I had to change the token (the first had wrong authorisation), but I get this error:
IMPORT ERROR CODE: Unauthorized operation - please use a valid token with the required permissions. Reason scope required user:statement -

Hi there

I’ve reset your account, let me know if it will work this time!

Great, it works like a charm, thanks!

Welcome aboard!

Enjoy the stats.

Mine also doesnt work:

LAST ERROR [10th February 2017 03:08] IMPORT ERROR CODE: -
LAST API CHECK 2 minutes ago

I’ve reset your account, your data started to import and should be with you within 30 mins max.

Let me know!

PS: You’ll miss mostly of Envalytics because you’re using an yahoo address and our emails will get rejected.


I actually dont need all this data.

I see there is this method: https://build.envato.com/api/#market_0_Author_Sales

What is the easiest way to show authors sales per month sorted by most item sales?

Look at best sellers page.

I am getting this error:

LAST ERROR [15th December 2017 19:07] IMPORT ERROR CODE: -
LAST API CHECK 2 minutes ago

Your offline token is invalid.

how to fix this issue?

Add a correct token in Import page.


All steps are there on how to get it. Just follow and it will work.