Envalytics - Sales Analytics

Hello fellow Envato Authors!

I’ve built my own Advanced Sales Analytics app using envato market API.

It’s called Envalytics.com - anyone can use for free.

I use it for myself and thought to share with the community as well.


That’s so awesome! Thanks so much, that was so needed for a statistics and analytical research! :slight_smile::clap:


Very cooool !!!

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Thanks mates!

I am happy to see such positive feedback!

Hi there!

You had a nice initiative creating this app. I’ve just tested it and here is my feedback.

I think that purchased items don’t need to be on the “Best Sellers” list. I’ve just accessed the dashboard on Best Sellers menu items, there are my themes listed but also on that list there is my purchased stuff.

Same thing on Item Report. Purchased stuff is mixed with items for sale.

Regards :sunny:

Hi there!

Working on a way to exclude purchases from any reports without affecting balances!


That’s a good news! :slight_smile:

Nice! :sunglasses:

Just testing it out - I’d like to have the “Item Report” over larger date ranges, like a year or so. Is that possible?

Also, selecting item for report from the menu, all I see is this:

I have 500 items, using Safari… maybe a simple alphabetical list would work.


Hey guys anyone who signed up till now please add personal token.

An update has been released which requires “personal token” to be added and also removes “purchases” from list.

Reason: it wasn’t processing sales while you were offline!


When i click to approve "Authorize Envalytics to connect with your account?"
getting this error HTTP CODE 403

I got the same error

Does Envalytics still work? Looks like a lot of bugs there to me, syncing very badly with the actual earnings :slight_smile: