Emotional Piano, Strings & Sax. Why rejected?

Hello! Why do you think the music rejected? What do you think?

Hi, the composition sounds fine to me, but the mix needs some improvement, There is too much in the low frequencies, it should sound brighter. Also the balance is not optimal. The sax and the strings are a bit loud.

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Thank you FOXYAudio for feedback. I agree with you

Cool saxophone) it’s you playing?

No) It’s cool VSTi by Embertone — Sensual Sax

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Wow, amazing sound for VST)
and you have a good idea! But…i think that the drums section must be more deep, maybe to try to change rhythm. Really - your music is good for sentimental and inspiring mood)

Thank you, I will think about changing rhythm

Yep, the balance of the mix is not that good, also the arrangement of the strings is bad. Seems to me you do not know what exactly the strings should be playing, so you tried to compose it how you understand it. Also the tune of strings could be better.
Try to improve these drawbacks and try to resubmit. Good luck!