Hard rejected, Need advice

Hello, this Romantic Jazz tune has been hard rejected by reviewers.
I don’t really know if issue is mixing or arrangement, but I think it could be used in commercials. Any advice would be helpfull. Thank you in advance

Hey Musca!

Those strings stick out like a sore thumb. They sound really fake, especially in contrast to the rest of the instruments.

I can definitely see this in something, but it is also a very specific and unique sound, which can make it a lot harder to get accepted. Personally I would either jazz it up a bit so that it fits more as a jazz track or romance it down a bit so that it fits more as a romance track.

Anyways, good luck with future tracks!

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Hello, Seth!
Did you mean on orchestral strings or saxophone? I didn’t give too much attention to the strings (maybe they should be high-pass cutoff though), but as I listen the track more and more, I feel that saxo is too sharp and loud in contrast to piano and strings. I’ll try to remove the strings, add some brass instruments to follow the rhythm and swing and speed up the drums. Thank you very much!

Sound is good, but you need to arrange it better, to make it sound like loop. Like one part than another, and repeat it. Like intro-main part-breakdown (intro)-main part.
Good luck, nice music.

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