Item rejected, Help!)

Hey everyone. Today I got bad news. My Item was rejected. But I thought it would be a great idea to ask you what is actually wrong with it. Thank you!

Hi @Mesamune ,

Like the idea, but in my opinion: the first part takes to long and the strings are too much at the background (or else the piano too upfront). It is maybe on the edge of experimantal? From 0:50 the arpeggiated strings are a tiny bit behind. Just my opinion though.
Good luck!

In my opinion the problem here is the piano. The title is Emotional Piano, but the piano doesn’t sound emotional at all. Its very static and machine like and it sounds like you’re holding down chords with an arpeggiator. The harmonic content is nice but the execution doesn’t match the title for me. Try to record the piano again and try to make the pianopart more alive by using more dynamic variation and more humanized timing. This is my very subjective opinion :slight_smile:

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