Elfsight Instagram Feed plugin

I started using this Elfslight Instagram Feed plugin (‘purchased’ through Envato Elements) on a live wordpress website. It stopped working all of a sudden… Do I need to activate the licence, because it mentions a Codecanyon license, while it was obtained through Envato Elements.
Need to have it resolved asap, as it concerns a live site…:frowning:

Hi @LonaBSarti

elements ites don’t come with license itself. you don’t need license registration to use elements items. You can ignore any such request and the plugin should work fine.

Please check all plugin settings to feed data from Instagram.


Thanks for the speedy reply. Clear…
Are updates received through wordpress?

Due to the nature of Envato Elements, items do not come with any form of support from the authors, including access to automatic updates. This is the key difference between buying individual licenses on Envato Market and getting them through the subscription(Elements).

If you like, you can certainly purchase the Item license from Envato Market which will come with autoupdate features and 6 months of Author support.

Hi, but on Envato Elements it does say ‘Updates included’

yes updates included mean you can download latest version to get updated version. in elements you will not get auto update features.

Gotcha! Thanks for your help