Where do I find license code plugin download with envato elements?

I have downloaded the Wordpress plugin https://elements.envato.com/de/wordpress-instagram-widget-WULYPA5 with ENVATO elements

now the plugin is asking me for the license key but I cant find it anywhere?

Can someone help me please

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Elements Items do not need purchase codes. You can just ignore any message to enter a code.

This will be for things like auto updates which is not included with elements downloads.

The core plugin itself will work without this registration


The plugin asks for a license-code to activate. How do I get this?

Elements downloads do not come with p/codes because support and updates are not included - It will still work just not be able to access auto updates etc.

This does not help when you need to find a license for some YouTube content or such thing.
Basic search and filtering is a requirement for this.