license key for items downloaded from

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good day to all
need to know how to get license key for items downloaded from wordpress plugin

my specific question is as per - Enter Your Purchase Code:
what is meant by an ongoing license ?
how do i activate a product that downloaded from elements portal ?

Elements downloads don’t come with license keys or purchase codes.

There is no guarantees support or updates so these are redundant.

Plugins etc will work without needing to “activate” or “register” them. That functionality is only for extended features such as auto updates and support which are not included


That is, I pay money for the plugin. I install it. understand that it does not work until I enter the license key. Nobody will give me a license, right? Because envato does not distribute licenses, but simply allows you to download the plugin. I can just as well download on the torrent tracker and file will be work. Why should I pay for something that doesn’t work?

I downloaded the template, and during installation it says that you need to enter the license key, otherwise the template will not work. And the license key is not available anywhere. And all why? Because as this guy wrote above. We buy a copy and can do whatever we want with it. And buying a license is a completely different story.

I downloaded the plugin. The plugin works, there is no bazaar. And in the admin panel there is a bright orange window, 200 pixels high and 100 percent wide with the inscription: BUY A LICENSE, BEACH!

What could be more beautiful when you in the admin panel are haunted by windows of different eye-corroding colors, windows that cannot be closed. With different spelling variations of the phrase: BUY A LICENSE SO THAT CLOSE THIS WINDOW!
Love it.

When you pick a plugin for a long time. And yet you find it. You download it. Install. And he tells you: the plugin will work when you enter the license code, enter the code:

hmm. Well, in principle, the plug-in works, ONLY I DON’T SEE THE INFORMATION THAT IT DISPLAYS. And so yes. He works.

If Envato were selling sofas:
Why did I receive only a mattress if I ordered a sofa?
Envato: Well, you can sleep on the mattress, right? Well, yes, you can.
And for the that the sofa will come to you, no one said. You can order the sofa from the factory.