Author wants me to pay for product downloaded from elements envato?

I downloaded a wordpress plugin from elements through my subscription. Once installed, it wont activate unless I enter a token from envato API which proves I purchased the item. All attempts failed, and so I reached out to author support, hoping to get a resolution. Their reply was to purchase the product from codecanyon. I told them I got it from elements and its registered to a project when downloaded. So technically I own the license for the product. They say no, I need to buy it from codecanyon to be licensed and to receive support…???


Envato Elements don’t provide any purchase code. You don’t need any purchase codes to use Element’s items. You can just ignore any requests to enter one. please just ignore entering the purchase code and it will work fine for you.

Elements item don’t required purchase code. Elements is a subscribe base service Elements don’t sale Item instead provide unlimited Item download facility. Just You need to be registered the Item when completing the project.


Yes, I know that, but the plugin wont work without the envato api token.

This is the Author reply

as you can se in your screenshot:
Please activate Epic’s plugin license to get official support service and automatic update.

As we know envato elements item don’t come with author support service and automatic update. So, please ignore activate the license process and the plugin will work fine for you.

You saw this screenshot? The plugin does NOT work without activation.

If the item doesn’t work without entering one, please contact Elements support team here - Elements Support.


I will. Thank you!

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