Elements Support? Summer Vacation Slideshow

Hi I’m not sure if any kind of support is provided for products from within Envato Elements or not?

I have the Summer Vacation Slideshow video template, I’m lengthening the scenes/elements within it to fit videos I’m entering, I’ve done this with no issue - apart from on the background clouds element - which end after 15 seconds and nothing I do seems to change this :frowning:

Can anyone help or suggest how i can get support?

Item support isn’t included at all with Elements.

However, you can try contacting the author of the item and see if they’ll be willing to offer help regardless.

From the few video templates I’ve used, sometimes elements can be hidden within pre-comps or even pre-comps within pre-comps within pre-comps. To access them you need to double click on the layer and continue to do this until you reach the source, then in most cases, you’ll probably have to edit the length of each layer.


Thank you for your suggestion - have tried this but will take another look.
Appreciate the support