No option for video templates in envato elements upload page? Can't upload my video template

Hi all!

I can’t seem to find the video templates option (in item type selection), while trying to upload a video template to envato elements… Am I missing something?

I already followed these steps: and have checked the “I give permission for this item to be listed on [Envato Elements]” option on my videohive item.

What should I do next to get my video template up on envato elements? Thank you in advance!

Hi, this menu is not for Videohive.
You need to go in to one of your published Videohive project, click edit and from there you can make it available in Elements.

I see, but I already clicked edit and followed those steps on publishing it on elements, clicked save and the item is still not on elements. Do I need to resubmit it for review or smth?

Just wait a few moments and check again, it needs a little bit time to see your items on elements

Ok, but it’s been atleast two days since I did this :thinking:

2 days :sweat_smile: then you have to contact support team

Ok, so support replied that my item should appear after the next chache sweep over.
Case solved :sweat_smile: