Elements pricing page not clear..?

I just signed up to Envato Elements to get a wordpress theme I liked.

They gave me an option to pay monthly or yearly.

I chose monthly.

When I go to the Wordpress section all of the themes are locked and it tells me I can only get them if I pay yearly?

I don’t want to call this a scam because I’ve always had a good experience with Envato in the past but c’mon.

This is just wrong.

Envato this isn’t right and that’s not a good thing to do to your customers.

You should have made it very clear that you only get the Wordpress themes if you buy the yearly option.

So I would like to request a refund please.

It’s written quite clearly in the pricing page of Elements, which you go through when you click on the “Go Unlimited” button.

You need to contact support to ask for a refund, as the forum is not a proper channel.

Hey there. This information is available in the Pricing Page of Envato Elements, and the logic behind this is the fact that users purchasing a Theme will most certainly not use it for only one month.

You can request a refund by contacting Envato Elements Support


Well it’s obviously not written “clearly” as I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

And I don’t think I’ve ever signed up to something where there’s a monthly and yearly option and you get different things with each.

Usually the offer of a yearly payment is to get a bit of a discount.

In this case it’s to get the thing that most people will be signing up for.

The last thing I would ever want is for my customers to subscribe to my service and feel tricked in anyway.

This is clearly visible in the Pricing Page of Envato Elements. As I said, the logic behind this is the fact that users purchasing a Theme will most certainly not use it for only one month.

You can request a refund by contacting Envato Elements Support

Yes, I understand the logic but the fact that you don’t seem to understand why paying customers would feel tricked when they login and find all the wordpress themes are still locked is quite baffling.

I don’t see why you would feel tricked in any way, when on the pricing page it’s clearly shown that access to WP is only granted on yearly subscriptions. Most sites have this as “Pro” or “Plus” versions, where a lot of access is restricted if you don’t upgrade to a higher tier.

This is how subscription based marketing/advertising works. Each tier bring more to the table and costs more.

In any case, get in touch with support. They’ll be able to assist you. Cheers!

It’s not pro or plus though. It’s monthly or annual. So many customers will think “oh I have a choice monthly or yearly.”

And if you call putting a little line next to the thing most people will be singing up for “clear” then then I don’t think we will ever agree.

But then I know you didn’t create the sign up process so I’m not going to waste time arguing my point anymore.

Bottom line is I felt tricked when I logged in to find everything still locked after paying.

And I’m a customer…

The pricing page is clear. Don’t accuse other people for your faults. I agree that usually the subscription models are different but this don’t void the fact that you purchased the licence too fast without take the necessary time to read what you was buying.

I admit I should have looked more carefully however when Envato are saying all over their website “Get unlimited downloads of themes” “from just $29/month” which is the monthly price I thought I was going to get some wordpress themes.

Now quit being a shill.

I agree about the term “themes” it’s usually reserved for WordPress themes.
I’m an author but not of Elements, so only partially a shill.

Completely agree with OP! @amitywill

I was literally about to buy this (and would have used for 3-4 months for a project) but without the WordPress themes I probably won’t now.

It’s a deliberately subtle way of displaying this on the pricing page. Not a cross but a line, not red but black.

Cheeky and harms my opinion of envato

Actually, it’s a great protection for authors who develop WordPress themes. I mean, let’s be honest. You’d like to pay $29 ( half the worth of 1 theme ) and be able to have access to 420 themes worth $50 ( average price ) times 420 = $21.000?!

So let me understand right. You’re not willing to pay $228 for 1 year to have access to more than 420 themes worth over $20.000? I fail to see the logic in this. It’s absolutely mind-blowing.

What about the authors? They get dimes and nickles for these things. Total worth = OVER $20.000 if purchased individually for $228.

Seriously mates, the developers need to get support as well. You may be awesome and loving customers, but you have to think about the awesome and loving developer building that product for you. Last but not least. You are planing on getting a WordPress theme. That takes time to setup, and add your content to it. You mean to tell me you’re going to change that theme monthly? If not, that means you’re just trying to get a 50$ (average price) theme for 28$, which is basically stealing from the authors, which would mean no author would agree to put their themes on Envato Elements to being with, since they can sell them in their private portfolios for thousands of dollars monthly, and you’re pointing fingers at Envato for not allowing you to do that? Strange, is it not?

No offence. 228$ for the Themes that are on Elements, is an absolute steal as is.

It’s incredibly easy to point fingers at Envato, but try to think that Envato is the platform that connects you to the developers that work on these themes. In the end, that money goes into updates and more awesome themes.

A custom built theme of the magnitude of most Themes on Elements is well over $2000, that is the equivalent of 10 years worth of subscription value and access to 420 awesome themes, on Elements. More awesome themes on elements you’ll have access to because you are subscribed. So, average math.

1 theme = Average price 50$
$228 (subscription price) / 420 (number of themes ) = 0.5$ price per theme.

It’s an unbeatable deal as is. And again, if you just want 1 theme, easy. Pay the full price on ThemeForest, problem solved.

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You misunderstand, I have no problem with paying $228 for quality wordpress themes, I just don’t like to be tricked.

I thought I was getting the option to pay monthly or yearly.

As I said above it’s clearly stated all over the website “Get unlimited downloads of themes” “from just $29/month” yet you don’t actually get any themes when you pay $29/month.

It’s nothing to do with the money it’s just deceptive marketing but that’s just my opinion and I’m sure others would agree.

I understand now, but it still doesn’t differ at all from 8/10 sites online that offer Plus or Premium or whatever else name they choose for those services. The difference here is Monthly ( call it plus if you want ) and yearly, call it Premium.

In either case, no need to feel tricked. You’re getting over $20.000 worth of themes for $228, that’s as I stated, 0.50$/theme! Still as awesome as it gets! :slight_smile: