Can I get refund if I cancel yearly subscription?

I have Subscribed Envato Elements on 19th of oct. But I Selected Monthly Plan And It Charged money for Yearly Plan. What Should I Do Now?? I Agree to charge amount for 1 month and return the remaining amount. I am In Urgent need for money. Please Help Me …

you can take a look on here:

about envato element refund:

Cancelling Your Subscription

Having the same issue. I found 3 themes I was ready to download. I purchased the annual subscription - my credit card was charged and now all 3 themes are full price. It’s a very confusing product.

Hoping I can get a refund and just buy themes individually. I did open a ticket. Won’t continue to purchase until the refund is resolved.

This just happened to me, I was reviewing two themes and noticed the banner at the top and purchased only to find that none of themes I was looking at are not available under this unlimited subscription.

Turned a happy customer now into an unhappy customer.

How can I get a refund?

Iam in the same boat?? How to fix, I get no replies from this company.

I have the same issue I wanted to buy a monthly subscription and they deducted a year off my account. Please can someone contact me and help me with this request/

You need to try not to download anything and contact support Envato Elements Help and Support

Same problem, subed for a month only to find out that they bailed me for a yearly plan, canceled and waiting for a refund for days now, contacted the support team no word yet, its really confusing!

Make sure you inform support you’re looking to get a refund, just cancelling your subscription only means that it won’t be renewed at the end of your subscription period once the year is over.

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im in the same boat. Anyone has an email to make the complain?

Envato Elements Help and Support

In most cases support will be able to help.

I can confirm, they just contacted me after a few days from cancelation, they issued a pro rata refund, u only have to contact them after cancelation :+1: