Elements Items are under review


As you can see, when I added/linked some of my PSD, XD, Sketch or Figma templates under Graphics Templates category, it goes Under Review and it’s been their for few days.

As far as I know based on Envato Agreement, usually Elements items doesn’t get to review.

Anyone has any idea, why my items are under review. Appreciate for your feedback.


One author has reported 4 days ago that he has upload items 22 days ago and still waiting.

In short, your items must be checked/approved and this days is going slow.

I understand this review delay for Envato Market, but why this review queue for Envato Elements?
Based on it’s agreement there should be no review process!

BTW, thanks for your reply

Yes, some time there was no review process for the Elements graphics templates but they have included the review process because there was a lot of items which was not so good.

Well, as you could read, Envato dont generally review, this doesnt mean never.

12 days and counting. The review time problem is spreading.