Review process is super slow


I’m disappointing with the review process. It’s very slow. My business card template was submitted since 8 days ago, but it’s still in queuing for review. This is a known issue, Envato definitely needs to improve this!


hi, well if it’s 8 days, it should be reviewed very soon, probably today as the normal waiting time is 8 days as of late … . Yes, this issue is a recurrent problem the problem is that this is hard to deal with … . Either u wait , or they hire more and then raise fees again and in both cases people do not like it … . The fact of the matter is that there are continuously more guys in town, more items, more submissions and so on and that guys in the review teams do not grow proportionally … . In addition, at this time, christmas is on the way and normally that’s a good time for sales which means that there’s much to do when it comes to reviewing … . Now u are right some guys are getting discouraged out of seeing the time that it takes to have a new item reviewed … . If u ask personally, i will tell you that choosing to introduce self pricing at this period was just a big miscalculation and that we are still feeling the effects of this being started without they had been getting ready to it beforehand. They still have some items not being reviewed when they had been posted at a time that the form was not including price setting fields …


Does anybody know when review process will return into normal stage? It kinda embarrassing when your item submitting 10 (TEN!!!) days and then resabmitting another 3 (THREE!!!) days after small correction in description (links to fonts - soft rejection), 13 days for now and it may take longer…
Why envato do nothing about it?


lol well i guess there’s virtually worst again lol i have been waiting for the first review for 11+ days (something like 11 1/2 days) and still NOTHING!