Still pending review


I had uploaded a new item on it’s been 3 days. I have not heard from the moderators yet. Will it be approved or not?


3days is too early… avg is 6 days ->


My item is since 10 days in the review queue. Still waiting :slight_smile:


My too…still waiting.
And i don’t understand, why Queued for Review changes all the time, some time ago it displayed 90%…so now don’t see any percents.


11 days queued for review… Thanksgiving is the culprit! :smiley:


Upcoming Christmas Evenets, Thanksgiving, Forum threads, Challenges, Black Friday.
This is why the time review is increased a little bit. Don’t worry, you will have answer from Envato soon :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s been 6 days now . I hope envato approves my item please :slight_smile:


Well its just 3 days , i am still in queue my print templates for 12 days not still reviewed. Its because of Holiday season


M item is now 13 days in review. A new record! :slight_smile:


Aproved today…finaly!!!

Christmas Tree & Toys set

8 or 9 days was in review.