Delay in reviewing items

First it was 5 days, then 7 days and now it’s 11 days to review the items. what is happening



i have today a 16 day delay

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It happens - could be people on holiday, a mass influx of submissions etc

They will get to it asap

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Meaning when the reviewers go on holidays we dont get to eat? A billion dollars company doesnt have reserve reviewers for this reasons?

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My point is that there are a number of reasons that there can be delays. I’s not an exclusive thing to any one marketplace.

It’s not in envato’s interest either to have a backlog so I am sure that they will resolve it asap

Maybe that is the scene, and also they may not even care.

I thought it was just me waiting a long time or that the file I had uploaded was skipped during the review process. But after I checked on this forum many authors have the same problem. Meanwhile, at the time of item review status on the help center page when I uploaded this, it was 8 days. And now my item has been waiting 15 days. There is no other way but to wait.
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