Have you noticed a huge slowdown in your items getting reviewed?

I’ve got so many sitting there waiting, some which were added over a month ago. It’s not acceptable! I rarely get anything rejected, but this wait is really slowing down my earnings.

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Yes, I have noticed a significant slowdown in the review process for my items. There are a few factors that could contribute to this delay.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that the review process can vary depending on the platform or organization responsible for reviewing the items. They might be experiencing a higher volume of submissions, which can lead to longer processing times as they strive to maintain quality and thoroughness.

Additionally, external factors such as staffing issues or unforeseen circumstances could impact the efficiency of the review process. If the reviewing team is short-staffed or facing resource constraints, it can naturally lead to delays in the turnaround time.

Well yes. Of course. But why the recent change? (Rhetorical question obvs). I’ve been with envato for years and it’s never been this bad

Hi @melrodicq!

It looks like digitalmuskan224 may be a spammer (hence their chatbot-style reply) - I was a bit confused when trying to identify what types of items they were talking about, as they have no items listed for sale from their account.

Review queues vary across each content type, and are most strongly affected by total volume of submissions to that queue. It looks like your account is focused on Elements Design (graphics, graphic templates, add-ons etc) - total submissions to that category have been steadily increasing for the last couple of months. That’s led to the maximum waiting time for those items spiking upwards since mid June, peaking at around 16 days.

Review times for that category are beginning to come back down again this week (max time has come down to 11 days now) - item submissions have risen again, but I think we’ve added more reviewers to work on that category now.

@BenLeong Hello.
My work review is on hold for 22 days. (packaging mockups)
I wrote to your support team. The answers are in the attached screenshot.