Review Duration

Hi, I feel review duration longer than before. I uploaded item at element from 3rd of this month, and I still dont get a feedback until now


Sometimes it is within a day or two,sometimes it takes weeks.

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You can always check review times here. Reviewers don’t work on weekend. I see it’s quite long for ThemeForest.

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Those review times are generally a good indicator for Market item categories, but it’s worth noting that Elements Graphics are reviewed via a different system that isn’t linked to that page.

Elements Graphics review times are much higher than average at the moment, as there has been a sharp increase in the number of items submitted to that category. Our Operations team is working on bringing those review times back down, but there are a lot of item submissions to work through.


Thanks for the clarification! It’s helpful to know that Elements Graphics have a separate review process. Understanding the current backlog is also appreciated.

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What is going on with the review team? Months of work being hardly rejected again.

This is not a complaint. This is a serious question. I need to understand or have some feedback to be able to work. I have designs being rejected with the same quality level of my higher sales designs.

Months of work wasted.