The Envato Review Team

Hi guys.!
I’m an author on Envato Element packaging mockup.
I am quite worried about the delay in the review period of my items.
For about 25 days, my items have been held in review, usually this takes about 2 weeks. Attached is the screenshot of 11th of July 2023.
Do you think this period is normal?

I wrote to their support team.
I got this email in response. (attached)

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I have the same situation. This is the first time the product submission review has been delayed this long in my experience.


Mine, Graphic, first time this long since 2017

Yours is still fine.
I am attaching the screenshot. Take a look at this screenshot. On hold since 29.July.2023. My previous posts had waited 1 month. I’m writing to the support team and they say it’s a lot of work. There is something strange here. The strange thing is that there was always a lot of work and it always took 7-14 days for the work to be approved. It was even confirmed within 2 days. I think some of the Envato Elements review team were fired or sent on summer vacation.

Same here. I have 30 items waiting for approval. Same date.

But guys, please, let’s be comprehensive and understand that there is a line/cue/order and they are not stopping approval on purpose. They also want new assets so they can make more $ and keep their subscribers updated with our good content. I used to complain here, but now I believe Envato got better in many ways. Can’t complain anymore, now I am raising my work quality and consistency.


@voarcc I don’t agree with you.
Sending too many Midjourney mockups. For this reason, there are deliberate delays in review times.
I agree Midjourney mockups may look good as a composition, but they are not realistic from a technical point of view.

Midjourney mockups are, in my opinion, a reproducible mockup, and I don’t think it’s right for it to be accepted and marketed by “envato elements”.

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Are you saying that my mockups are from Midjourney? You have no idea what are you talking about. I never used Midjourney to create mockups. All my mockups are from real pictures I took in Silicon Valley. Or I created them using 3D softwares like Blender and Cinema 4D. I can easily, like really easily, create mockups like yours just using 3D free models available online on blender.

If Midjourney is a tool, deal with it. Next time, think twice before judge others people work.

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Hi @voarcc Has your item submitted been approved ?

Not yet. 50 items waiting for approval.

Me too :smiling_face_with_tear:

Captura de Tela 2023-08-23 às 18.43.43

Got all my approvals right now.

@voarcc Congratulations.
Mine was approved.

wow congratulations. :grin:
hmm mine got rejected and I give up…

@yandidesigns I don’t think you should give up.
I looked at your portfolio, you have very successful works.

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Thank you so much @nvmmockup :grin:

How comes all these elements assets got rejected?

MAKES NO SENSE. And no explanation. They are all good. I double checked.

Why? @BenLeong

Now I got HARD REJECTIONS in all my assets. Now more 30 other ones. Not only the ones above.
Can someone explain why? Some others in the same style were approved in the past.

Where are the background images and scenes from?

Are they your original photos or stock from another site?

Original photos that I took, and manipulated it on photoshop to be different than the picture I took.
I removed all intelectual property, all other designs, people, and changed colors or signs. Some pictures I also fliped and added elements, to recreate the scene.

Some others are made by Blender, pure 3D. Not event a picture.
Few examples of 3D above. Billboard Room Mockup, Billboard Office Room Mockup, Wall Poster Display Mockup.

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What kind of review team is working right now?
This is really random. I got this iPad approved.
Captura de Tela 2023-09-26 às 19.50.21

But I got this iPhone and this Laptop rejected
Captura de Tela 2023-09-26 às 19.50.10


Why? Please, can someone tell me why?

I also had 30+ other hard rejections.