Elements Banner

Search for your author name in the search box and you will see the banner :slight_smile:

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Ah yes, selective display of the banner.

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Well, it disappears from time to time then pops up again. Damage continues…

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Selective as in they took it out for those pesky authors who can’t do anything but complain all the time. But rest assured it remains there all the time for customers.


Two words:

Truly disappointing.

That’s how I feel right now. This is worse than they did months ago when they did almost the same thing (but they at least had a close button). They simply haven’t learned anything from all the authors out here.


What is the point of showing this banner all around Codecanyon categories if you don’t support them all but 1 or 2 (like WP Plugins)? It confuses the customers as they go start searching for your scripts in Elements not realizing that the category they are interested in doesn’t even exists in Elements…

Is your Envato Elements revenue is really in a bad shape? or you just want to deprecate Envato Market as you did with parts of it recently?



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I could not work for more than an year, I see that the banner thing is getting worse…

Looks like the banner is not the worst thing… they found something more radical, it seems:


ahahahhahah)))))))))))))) cool!))

:sweat_smile: I really need ot make taht purchase. haha. I hope it will be fixed asap. :wink:


So they are forcing you to join elements before you can make a purchase on the market? If so, that’s pretty sad.

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No comment…

I highly doubt that’s intentional, they can’t have lost their minds that much.

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I sure hope you are right.

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As far as I can see, they only removed it from the portfolio pages. It’s still there in all other places on the site.


There you go - this is what is currently happening - community, what community.

KingDogEnvato Team - Author Relationships & Engagement

No this doesn’t affect the ability to get items approved. It was an incentive to encourage building the size of the library quickly. Now that we’re at a nice size we can focus on promoting Elements to new customers so you can get even more downloads

Hi @ringgo123. This is separate from coupon-based trials - those are occasionally used for specific promotions like an event sponsorship, where a custom deal is offered for new subscribers.

Free Trials (7 day duration) are currently available to any new subscriber who sees the Free Trial promotion on the Elements homepage. After the current round of testing has finished, we’re likely to show the Free Trials offer to all new subscribers on Elements.

I suspect this Elements shanninigans is Envato testing using marketplaces as their playground to see potential Elements subscriber behaviour and trends. Either way I am so angry about this and Envato remains silent about this. Lack of transparency and an underhand way to serve those Elements contributors - really p***** off with this.


Envato’s business practices are absolutelty disgusting, and it’s even sadder seeing this happen considering how wonderful AJ used to be.


BenLeongEnvato Team - Author Relationships & Engagement

I’m not sure what official reply is being requested here, but I can add some comments. There have been hundreds of iterations of Elements banners tested since this thread was created, and the implementation of these will continue changing in future.

If the question is “is this change permanent?” then no - the design and implementation of all our promotion will continually change.

If the question is “will the banner be completely removed, or revert to an older version?” the answer there is also likely to be no: older display ads are superseded when new versions are proven to outperform them.

Currently (Aug 31), my understanding is that the banners are not dismissible, and that they are shown on different page types for each marketplace. Several versions have been used over the past month - I think this is the current exclusion list:

  • ThemeForest and CodeCanyon /item pages do not include the banners.
  • /checkout and /cart pages across all marketplaces do not include the banners.
  • Profile and Portfolio (/user) pages across all marketplaces do not include the banners.

They are primarily shown on homepages, search and category pages, and item pages for the “creative stock” categories that are most likely to have comparable items available in both sites.

Obviously, not all customers will find Elements relevant to their purchase needs - and so those customers can and do continue purchasing individual items on Market.

However, for those that do find Elements is a better match for their needs, if there is a clear increase in the lifetime value of those customers on Elements (e.g. for customers who will spend more and for longer than they would on Market), we should be directing those customers to that site.

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Thanks Graham. If anyone has more questions, I’ll keep my responses in the general (Author Hangout) thread over here so they’re more visible to people outside the AJ forum category.

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