Don't like Elements Banner? Now it's time to shout it out

Today, an email from Envato with a survey request by has been sent to all the authors.
Don’t forget to fill it.


Completed the survey.

I filled out a survey.

Thanks for reminding, I filled it out just now

Yes, indeed. A chance for your voice to actually be heard.

Everyone - PLEASE fill out the survey, and let Envato know what you think!

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Done! :wink:

What email? What survey?


I filled it out yesterday. Hopefully Envato might actually operate some good changes around here after reading our opinions.


Haven’t received any email either…except Elements spam mails since I accidentally clicked the banner while trying to close it on mobile :smiley:

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No survey in my email either :frowning: wonder if there’s a way to request it?

@DPmusicStudio @ElysiumAudioLabs @criskcracker
The survey was sent from so maybe you can just send an email and request the survey

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Thanks André :+1: I sent the request for it. Hopefully they’ll get back to me today.

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This is the link

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Have you checked the updates folder in your mailbox? :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Yes, of course. Nothing. Crickets. :cricket: And I even have two accounts here :thinking:

Scroll up in the messages, there’s links there

scroll down