Banner Bug

Elements Banner stands over of the top menu and it can not be clicked in any way


I really do not think it is a bug. Look at how Elements has been integrated into AudioJungle and how the links stand out from the rest of the site. Purely intentional to divert prospective buyers away from the market. That is why sales and traffic to profiles are so low and authors are still desperate to join this subscription model. Unless you have something really special there really is no point as these words are wasted here. Envato knows the effect that this banner is doing as thousands of authors say stop doing it but no-one is listening or even cares.
It is inevitable that music downloaded will be found on pirate sites and used in major broadcasts around the world as music is traded so cheaply now. Community…no community.


My favourite is “Go Unlimited”.

Limited to 1/6th the number of available tracks, but oh well. I suppose truth doesn’t sell milkshakes…


This banner is really very annoying. Even the cancellation cross has been removed. :melting_face:

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Nice, but IMO nothing says “You can go f#@k yourselves, you lepers” like the non clickable audiojungle small icon to the right. Tasteful. I guess we can still be grateful it is still there.


The ability to dismiss this icon has been removed for approximately 1 month (could be longer). I just received a badge for 10 years of membership to the Envato community but it sure does not feel like a community anymore. Also the copyright and trademarks used in titles still has not been resolved - important as the World Cup is just around the corner and I would sure like some of the selling action.

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I just opened forums to create a topic about it.
It’s been like this about a week or more already and it’s pretty uncomfortable.
@BenLeong Can Envato team fix this, please?


Hi @BenLeong! Hope you are doing great!

I just wanted to know if the current issue with the banner has been raised to the proper team. We understand that from now on the banner will be unclosable, and that’s great, but it’s a bit troublesome that now you can’t even go back to your profile page, we can’t see our user icon in the upper right and the tiny Audiojungle logo became unclickable.

Thanks a lot in advance! Have a superb weekend! :slight_smile: