Eden - Envato Sales Tracker 1.0 released on iOS! ๐ŸŽ‰



Thank you guys! Thatโ€™s cool! :wink: @Enabled @KingDog


Hi! please help me what am I doing wrong? how i can add one more account?


@SolaMusic actually, Iโ€™ve noticed your Safari is in Private Mode, Iโ€™m pretty sure thatโ€™s the problem


Thanks a lot! it was my problem! now all work very well. Amazing stuff!


When does Android arrive?


Unfortunately, not anytime soon :confused: I wish I had more timeโ€ฆ


I plan on helping @AnderGoig get the Android version happen as short as possible, but time is very limited for me as well, sadly!


Hey @AnderGoig,

Hope you are doing great. :slight_smile:

The app was working great but after your last update something went wrong. I started not receiving any notification or receiving them after 1-2 hours and the notifications donโ€™t show the item that got sold anymore, just the generic message โ€œYou have 1 new sale on Envatoโ€ from the initial release.

I deleted it and reinstalled but nothing changed. You might want to have a look at it.



Same here.


Hi @gnodesign, thank you. Iโ€™ll take a look at it to see what is going on.


I just downloaded the app, what does the red exclamation mark mean? Is everything okay?


Hi @nickys, that usually means that some data canโ€™t be fetched, maybe because an error communicating with the Envato API. Iโ€™ll take a look. Have you ever tried again?


Tried again, it worked.