Earnings as exclusive


Hi guys!
I’ve noticed that sometimes as sole author, selling a package of 28 dollars, the amount I perceive is not 14 dollars but approximately 12. Is that correct?


Hi @Realitybeats! There are various things at work here, including…

* Envato Author Fee Schedule
* EU VAT Summary for Authors & Buyers

I just logged in as you and took a quick look at your statements page and I can see that you had a US Royalty Withholding Tax fee removed (based on your location / information you provided) and you also had an Author Fee removed. This is entirely normal.

As per the Author Terms:

> The total price for an item on Envato Market is made up of:

Item price: The item price is made up of a license fee (for the license chosen for the item), and if relevant the item support fee (for supported items).
Buyer fee: This is the fee buyers pay Envato for the buyer services we provide buyers.
Handling fee: In some transactions the total price may include a handling fee.
Taxes: Some transactions may be subject to tax that may be added to the list price or handling fee.

The list price is made up of the item price and buyer fee, and is the price on an item page… See Envato Market Terms for information about all the parts of the total price.

Sidenote (not related) while I’m here - you’ve got a bunch of broken images on your profile page. You might want to make sure images are loading properly so that it gives the best possible impression of professionalism to your potential customers. :thumbsup:


Hi Scott Wills
Thank you for your response.
Sorry if I do not understand everything you write. English is not my native language.
I assume by his words regarding the prices and fees is entirely correct.
Or is there some setting I have to change?
As for the broken images, I could please clarify referred?
I checked the profile looks like and I do not see anything strange.
Mhe also concerned Clik on each one to see that actually link to the category concerned.
Thank you again


I think you’re okay. I see from your settings that you have already updated your Tax Information page. :thumbsup:

This is what I see on your profile page at the moment:


Oh my god!
I do not understand how it may look like that!
This is what I see!
Thanks for sharing this information. But I do not understand what happens


I see the same as you @Realitybeats in Safari on a iPad.


Hello Hyperpro!
Thanks for your comment, it is very helpful.,
Anyway, I also tested Chrome and Firefox and everything works perfectly.
I do not know where the problem may come.
Thank you both for your support!


I also see it broken like scottwills. But if i copy the image link and paste it in a new browser than i see it


You’re welcome!
Did you also check it in Internet Explorer? Don’t know if anyones using that anymore, but…


Go. Well right now I’m pretty confusing! :frowning:
So what am I supposed to do?
Visconbiz, since browser sees the problem?


@Realitybeats I am using the latest safari.
I am not an expert in this but maybe it has something to do with this?

Try another hoster for your images if possible


Biz Viscon Hello again!
Thank you very much for this new information, I will consider


Everything is normal Reality Beats! I have seen all the beautiful!I have vapros as you so beautifully make out your profile, or better cooperate with photodune authors?I would be glad to hear advice from you.:sunglasses:


Hello Music Bomb!
Thank you for your words! :wink:
The truth is that the designs and everything on your profile mho I made myself a little patience.
What I do is the following. I have a block from the size of the images in white and one in black.
And then by means of a simple editing program called “Photoscape” I open a blank template in this and start your imagination.
There are several sites with copyright free images.
Again it is to be patient and look at what might fit the logo is intended to do.
When I have some important within the Photoscape and start a new design within the previously established parameters and sizes.
Because the program is quite intuitive. One can take multiple pictures and montarles together. Put labels and titles. Change the color, size etc …
I hope that my response has been helpful


Thank you Realitybeats! :hushed:

You have helped!I wish you all the best.:moneybag::blush: