Ducker for watermark

Cases have become more frequent when my music is uploaded in the Internet portals and Youtube with a watermark. And claims can not be presented because music with a watermark. Can I use a side-chine compressor for a watermark? So that the density of the track falls for the time of the watermark?

Hi @Cosmorot I understand what you saying but I’m afraid you can’t do that in the watermarked part as it says in the uploading instructions.
“Any submissions that are two seconds or longer must have the AudioJungle watermark added to the preview by the author. Make sure the watermark is loud enough to be audible, but not so loud that it is distracting. It should also be heard every 10 seconds, and it must be heard in its original state, as it sounds when you download it. You’re selling your music, not our watermark!”

I Don’t know if it is allowed to use our music even with the watermark without credit the author of the music.
I think who use watermarked roylaty free music must credit the author of the music somewhere in the description of the video.