Please tell me how to add the AudioJungle watermark

I want to know how to put the water mark.It’s the first time I’ve uploaded it, so I didn’t put water Help me

You have to put in your master as other track.
Lower the volume a bit and export it along with your MP3 in a single project.
That’s it!

You want me to mix the new track with the watermark on the project, right? I get it.Thank you very much.

I dont know which DAW you are using, but in most programs you can just drag and drop the Watermark Loop next to your finished Wav or Mp3 file you’re going to upload.
Even tho I work with FL Studio I still do the watermarking within audacity, since its the simplest way for me.
Simply make sure the Watermark is audible and goes on through the whole preview, I’ve attached an example of how it should look like:


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Hi my friend. You should combine the music and versions you have prepared and add watermark under it. As in the photo. Good luck. Mp3 render required!

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