Please Review My Music Work . Getting Ready for AudioJungle

Hello All,

I’m a new user in Audio Jungle. I just share my work. If i get suggestion and your kind review in my movie trailer score then i will work for upload my music in audio jungle or i will learn more and the give them a quality work… Please take a look…

Thanks in Advance. :slight_smile:

I can’t give you a music advices, I can say only that you need to add watermark on your music, before publish them here.

Thanks for your advice. Can you please give me some resource that where i can add audio jungle water mark? Or i need to do by myself ?

See the section called “Create Your Audio Preview.” There are links to the watermark files there. Generally you add them in an audio editing program.


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"The watermark is available in two forms for your convenience: single sample and one minute loop. "

This is from here:

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Ha! Sorry about the ninja post FD_Design :wink:

You’re much faster than me :slight_smile:

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Either that or REALLY bored.

Thanks a lot. BTW did you listen my work? That will be great if you give me your opinion :slight_smile:

Hi TReview

  • your work is nice, but you only use 2 chords so it’s a bit repetitive… You could add some variations for more potential… (BTW, keep in mind that prices are based on the length: +1min=14$, +2min=19$).
  • The end must sound natural (no cuts).
  • mood is nice, arrangement and sound are ok in my opinion.
  • Read carefully the General File Preparation Guidelines and find cool names for your tracks.

good luck and welcome to the jungle! :wink:

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Hi SoundCity,

Thanks a lot for your described review. Really appreciate that. Yes, all of your point are 100% accurate. It was mine 1 year ago work and now i feel those are not in correct path. BTW I have an question to you. If i upload my work with water mark in here for feedback and after then can i upload this in AJ? Is there have any problem with that?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

yes, no problem

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