Exclusive Tracks - Watermark Question

Hi guys!

If my account is Exclusive, can I put my tracks from AJ on Soundcloud but with another watermark (like “Audio Preview”)? Please keep in mind that I only want to use a different watermark and not sell them on other websites.


Hey! As I understood, on Soundcloud you can even leave it without watermark at all. Just make sure, that nobody can download it and put the AJ link to buy track.
Also here was a cool topic about self-promotion on Soundcloud :wink:

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Is the AJ link mandatory? I mean I just want to use some tracks as demos with an “Audio Preview” watermark.

I’m not sure, but seems like not a big deal…
Anyway, better wait for another answers. :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks!

Watermark it’s just to protect our tracks (except if i miss something from the rules).
So basically you can upload your track with your own watermark on soundcloud.
But you are exclusive author, I mean the track you want to upload, someone can find/buy it from audiojungle only.
I try to say, watermark changes doing authors who sell the same track at different stock sites.

Sure you can

I think it doesn’t matter what watermark do you use (or not use) in preview outside the AJ. It’s needed for you and for protection you music. :slight_smile:

Just a side note: People can and will get access to your un-watermarked songs.
Even if you turn off the download option on soundcloud, people will have software to record all incoming audio and export it on their computer… sad but true.

So it’s probably best to add a watermark AND upload your tracks to a site like AdRev for extra insurance of theft.