Audio Jungle Music on Soundcloud ?

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I am quite new and not shure about this one. Can I upload my own Audio Jungle Tracks on my Soundcloud if I am an AJ Seller Only? I know that Youtube is not allowed, but maybe Soundcloud since you can`t get any money for that. Thanks for your answers and stay safe!

Where did you get the idea that uploading your own music on Youtube is not allowed? Of course it is, for many authors Youtube is a great promotional tool. SoundCloud is allowed as well. Your exclusivity status only prevents you from selling your music on other stock music platforms.


As far as I know you can even sell your music on itunes or bandcamp for personal listening

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Hey purplefog, thanks for your answer , apparently I jumped to conclusions while reading through the conditions. Another question while we’re at it: must those tracks then contain the AJ watermark or is it only necessary for the previews on AJ ?

Nope, that’s only for Aj. You can upload your tracks to SC, YT or any other platform without the watermark.

Well I think most authors use the watermarked version for promoting their AJ music on YouTube and or SoundCloud. But since you can indeed sell your music for listening purposes, I don’t think there is anything preventing you from posting a watermark free version.

Yes without watermark on SC/YouTube is Ok. I experienced that posting with watermark has a negative effect on the plays. Listeners find it irritating and don’t know what it is. However: are all listeners buyers? and are your tracks well enough protected without watermarks? It’s weighing the pros and cons. Lately I post my tracks without the watermarks.


This is the important question indeed. The watermark offers no real protection. It merely reduce the confusion as to whether the music can indeed be used freely or not. But many do not care. The only protection we have for YouTube is ContentID.

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@PurpleFog Exactly, your right. That’s my dilemma. I’m in doubt whether to use identifyy.

No dilema here, there is no reason not to register your music with Identifyy.


Yes there is, not all libraries allow it. If selling only in audiojungle, then it’s ok

Well, then those libraries are irresponsible and should not be contributed to.

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I would advise you and anyone else to avoid ANY site that is trying to strip away your rights in that way. Platforms that demand you keep your music unregistered by ContentID (or demand that it is not PRO registered) should be avoided like the plague.

It’s just part of an aggressive effort to undercut other sites by way of ‘convenience’ to the customer (as if there’s anything wrong with ContentID and PROs!). What we need is better education for customers on these systems.

I wonder how these sites think they can get away with asking the composers not to register their music… what’s stopping ANY customer from downloading it, then registering it under their own name? It’s been done on AJ many times and causes a whole lot of issues. The best way to prevent this from happening is to just register it all yourself ASAP.


Good morning,

I kind of had the impression that watermarks, ironically, only work for honest people anyway. Whoever is going to rip you off wasn’t planning on paying for anything, I suppose.

On another note, what is the benefit of a PRO if the music is available as royalty-free?

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Royalty-free music usually, and in the case of music sold at AJ, does not exclude performance royalties which are still being collected by PROs. Not registering with a PRO is missing out on money that’s left unclaimed. That’s especially true for broadcast uses, but as YouTube becomes more regulated, it’s becoming relevant there too.


Hi @PurpleFog! :blush: A little extraneous question: I want to order advertising for my 5 tracks (these tracks are here on Envato) on a YouTube playlist (not my channel) which will be online for 1 month. Can I give them my tracks without a watermark for promotion (with all links to AJ)? This is a paid advertisement (for which I will pay my money). Envato exclusivity rules allow me to do this?

Just there, along with my tracks, other tracks will be included, and they will go without any watermarks.


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I don’t think there is anything preventing you from doing this in Envato’s terms. That’s merely my opinion though, I can’t be substituted for support.

What’s important is to remain coherent in your promotion and not create confusion for potential users. The watermark is a signal that the track is a preview that should not be ripped and used as-is. Without this signal, it has to be made clear to potential users that the track cannot be used without a license.

As a side note, I would be cautious about such promotional schemes. I wouldn’t be surprised that they’re not efficient a all. I hope it works for you though!


Well I submitted a great deal of my tracks today :slight_smile: Hope it helps against the piracy in some way…