Soundcloud and Audiojungle Watermark

Hey colleges! I’m kinda a new author on Audiojungle and have a question, that i couldn’t find in Help articles…

If I want to create a Soundcloud account and use it to promote my AJ tracks (but NOT only for this), how should I upload tracks to Soundcloud - with watermark or without? I’m an exclusive autor.

It more reasonable for me to upload them without a watermark, but maybe there are some rules about that?

Thank you friends! :facepunch:

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With watermark, otherwise they’ll download your music instead of buying.


But if you hit the button “Don’t allow to download track” - it solves 99% of such cases i guess…)

There are various ways to avoid that “protection”. :slight_smile:


Actually, I think it solves 0% of such cases, since people who are willing to use music without permission also know how to rip.

That being said, people don’t like listening to watermarks so it’s unlikely a watermarked track will do well on a listening platform.

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Always upload watermarked previews. There are tons of websites and audio grabbers out there that can download any music from soundcloud with just a few clicks; no matter your protection settings, it’s not hard at all.

That said, there’s no specific rule about it as far as I know, so you can do what you consider the best.

Good luck!

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Thank you for responses! I guess the only way left - is to upload tracks with watermark to feel protected from grabbers.

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Ye, that’s really kind of a sad thing here =(

Interesting topic, thank you all guys for your thoughts, I’m also going to put some of my tracks on SC and also think that it’s better to upload with watermark though I saw a couple of aj composers who upload without it.

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