Would you review my track?


I’m new to Audiojungle. Is this an appropriate work for this marketplace?


(One more: Is it allowed for an exclusive author to publish in Soundcloud without watermark ?)



Sounds good enough!)
It is your decision to sell this track via audiojungle or not to sell. You can check out “top new files” or “popular items” to see the trends.

SoundCloud allows users to add a buy link (metadata settings). It is good way to promote your items.
Watermark is used in audiojungle because you can download any preview, but SoundCloud gives the opportunity to disable downloads

I hope it was helpful :wink:


Sounds great to me! I’d consider making it a little longer, if you could. My most successful tracks are around 3:00-3:30, as it gives editors a little room to work with, and it gives you a little more room to develop your musical ideas.

Take a look at the best sellers of the past couple months in the genre you’d want to post in (I’d consider this Electronica, but that’s up to you to decide), and try to model your submission after their designs. Take a look at their keywords, and see which apply to your song, and use their descriptions as a model of what to do.

Don’t forget to design your profile too! Take a look at the top authors’ profiles to get some ideas. A good design can go a long way for anyone who happens to take a look at your profile.

Good luck, and keep posting!