Drop on sales. Any new strategy?

Hello everyone!

I know this topic has been treated in detail. I’m talking about the sales and the case of the trending songs for only 5 dollars here on Audio Jungle.
As an author active since 2017 I have not made great sales because I have never fully focused my energies on royalty free music production (I produce music as an artist and I dedicate myself to other activities around the music). But what I have been able to notice is that, while before my earnings were decent, now my sales are close to zero and I am unable to have a fixed income of at least 50$ per month.
My songs have a cost that starts from 24$ to 29$ (logos around 12$-7$). I started to make them cheaper from the last weeks. Things have changed in the last months for me. I discovered with great sadness how amazing tracks (very well mixed and mastered) are available for only few dollars which then, I mean, come in trend. I have also seen how some elite authors have adopted this sales strategy on some of their items.
This made me think a lot because this decline of sales certainly has to do with this trend and, of course, customers go looking for the cheapest items especially if they begin to understand that they are finding quality content for that price range.

The question I ask you is this: what strategy did you adopt to solve this trend a bit? Do you have seen a drop in sales? Do I should start making 5$ tracks too? But is it worth it? I state that every week I put 5 songs on sale in rotation. Surely they are not popular genres but how come before I was able to get some money out of them and now I can’t do anything anymore?

Audio Jungle is a platform I’ve always liked. Seeing fairly constant earnings motivated me a lot to continue on this path but when you make music and you don’t see anything it’s demotivated and it’s hard to continue.

Do you have this problem too?

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