Drastic changes in Elements Graphics review process

Hello Ben, Same here i got 10 rejected items :frowning:

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hey Ben, any news about that?



Hi all. Sorry for the long delay - I’ve been out of action for a few days this week, and have needed to catch up with several different teams in order to properly understand what’s been happening.

There have been no recent Item Guidelines changes, but there are a few factors involved here:

Review consistency has been a major focus while we expand our review teams, and we’ve been improving how we calibrate our review assessments. I appreciate that it’s still going to be demoralising if you’re seeing more rejections than in previous months, and we’re checking to make sure we catch any problems. Ultimately, we’re aiming to make sure the process works as fairly and consistently as possible, regardless of which team member reviews your work.

Item Submission Guidelines for some Graphics categories are also currently being revised, looking at technical and commercial factors. The public version of these should be ready for publishing early next month - we’ll be announcing more details about any changes as soon as they’re confirmed.

Our senior Graphics staff have been investigating further, based on all the issues raised here. If you publish to Elements under a different account to your forum name, please let me know privately - I know at least one of the people posting in this thread has maintained a very high approval ratio throughout the last few months, so I’m concerned that we might be missing details from another account they publish under.

We also have some plans for improvements to our review feedback, particularly in cases where there is a common technical reason behind a large drop in approval ratios. If that applies to you, we’ll be in contact with some specific advice.

In the meantime, the Tips for Successful Graphics Items article has a good list of the most common rejection reasons, which apply to several cases mentioned in this thread.

For example, we haven’t changed any of the existing rules on Similar Items, or the Elements bundling and splitting policy. If you have been submitting lots of similar items recently, or reworking the same base design into too many variants, that may be the reason for more rejections.

Please make sure you know all the details of the Graphics Requirements for each category that you submit work for, as the reviewers will be closely following these. I’ll have more information to share once we have updated guidelines for some of those categories.


same here dude :sweat_smile:

@BenLeong thank You for explanation - actually for me situation is clear → I can understand what is this about.

We all got confused because of this sudden rejections wave (in my case all this happened last week, which was unexpected)

Now it’s clear (at least for me). New items are coming (at least from me :slight_smile: )

Good luck for All!

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Emm… it seems this is a refresher for all, hopefully everything goes back to normal and we are waiting for good news from you,


Thanks @BenLeong for your explanation. I’ve been looking for web elements guidelines (under graphic templates) and they’re missing. I believe that the review process is not as consistent as you declare. For instance, during the last month only one of our items was approved and the others were rejected. All were designed with the same quality, by the same person (me). I tried to contact author help center and I’m still waiting for an answer (2 weeks ago). I’m about to lose the content bonus. Anyone can care about this? I’d be really useful to get feedback on the items rejected to see what’s wrong with them…


Thanks for your explanation, but for all get 90% rejected item it wasn’t normal, of course we focus on quality & makes different taste in any designs, hopefully this can be fix soon, because for couple months we don’t get any approval of any item we submitted,


This is not normal, i got 4 items rejected when i wrote here, then i worked on a new item and i was waiting for this issue to be fixed, i thought maybe this one will get approved, but again today i got hard rejection. So 100% of my items are being rejected without any explanation. I’m also losing my bonus content as other designers are saying.


Though I agree it’s not normal at all, this is actually the ‘new normal’ on Envato.

For me, the series of rejections began last year, with the departure of very experienced reviewers and the hiring of a certain new one in the Print Templates category on GR.

That reviewer alone sank my approval percentage so low that I received 1 month ban from uploading items. She only approved 1 single flyer of mine (a super minimalistic one) in 6 months! She even rejected an unique themed flyer (the only one of that kind on GR), which I resubmitted later on, was approved by other reviewer and reached the best selling weekly print items.

How do I know it was ‘that’ reviewer? Because for almost half a year there were only 2 active reviewers on Print Templates, and the other one was approving flyers of mine constantly.

Something similar to my story must be happening in other categories/on Elements as well.


Everything Minkki said I can attest to. Happened to me as well. PREACH!!

Unfortunately… nobody listens to these words… we’re just numbers at this point.


I have also experienced the same issue as everyone here. For me it started in December and since then I have a 50% rejection rate on new items.

@BenLeong Is there a chance we could at least receive a short line of feedback on hard rejected items regarding the reason behind it? I think this would help everyone immensely when designing new products and would save a lot of time.

At the moment I have lost weeks worth of work and I really can’t figure out what’s wrong as my uploads have been rejected seemingly at random.


I’m a longtime envato element author, I’ve uploaded hundreds of quality items. But recently my new items are constantly being rejected for unknown reasons, even though the quality is getting better and better. Maybe for new authors they don’t fully understand the quality regulations, but as a long-time author I understand the quality regulations well. We need your clear feedback on this. We work together to benefit and share profits, but very rarely do we know the obvious reason for a problem. I think this current situation happens to a lot of other writers.


I have the same problem for the last few months. Hard rejections all the time, but when I complain to contributor support, they approved my item that was hard rejected earlier - which shows that those rejections were just unreasonable. @BenLeong when will we see any change in this? At least, the reviewer needs to explain the reason for hard rejection. Otherwise, uploading anything to Elements makes no sense.


Interesting, did you re-upload the hard rejected item or you just sent them an email? Because I thought that once an item is hard rejected it stays there forever and I also read that re-uploading it can result in account suspension.

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I just sent the email and they made the product live somehow

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Can you tell me better how you sent the email with the content. I sent a request for help, but all I got was vague general explanations.

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can you tell me how you send the email, and to whom. I am having a similar problem. Please help me!

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I was contacting support via elements.authors@envato.com
But at the moment they don’t reply anymore at all

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