downloading theme


I have downloaded the theme Fortun but cannot activate WP Bakery. I get this message…
Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

Destination folder already exists. /home/fg23hegm/

Plugin installation failed.

TGMPA v2.6.1

Return to Required Plugins Installer

Any answers will be gratefully received. Hilay


Hi @hilarydawe1

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Please check your plugins through wp-admin or through cpanel is there already installed WP Bakery page builder plugin? If answer is yes then you have to deactivate the plugin then removed the plugin folder (js_composer) and then you can try to install again.

Note: before doing any update best practice is create a full backup first



Thank you so much for your super quick reply. I have WP on another website I have so if I remove it in the cpanel i wont have it for my other site. Sorry, im not an expert on WP.

Very grateful for your help



each website belongs to their own cpanel/file manager. So, I think you have 2 file location or 2 cpanel for your 2 website.
Another thing you can do you can make a .zip of the existing plugin and then remove and can try to install. But I really want to recommend you please take support from any wp expert to do it as you mentioned you are not fmiliar with wp.