WpBakery visual composer install failure

Trying to install wpbakery visual composer as part of a scalia purchase, but it fails every time. All other plugins installed fine. Can I get a zipped copy for upload? ideas please?

I a having the same issue and it’s very frustrating. I even combed through fro youtube videos-nada. Have you managed to get it up and working?

Thanks, Rosina

Are you sure it’s failing and not just preventing you activating the plugin? (Bundled plugins don’t get activation keys but still work).

What error is is giving you? Have you tried asking the author?

Thanks for replying back on Thanksgiving Day!
No, haven’t ask the author yet.

The error message says:
Unpacking the package…
Installing the plugin…
Destination folder already exists
Plugin instala failed
Return to required Plugin Installer

That sounds like it already did install.

  1. Look in Appearance >> Plugins >> Is it showing in the list of installed ones?

If not then

  1. You will need to remove the folder from your installation. This will require FTP access to do it the easiest way.

You will then be able to start over and run the installation again without the '…already exists" issue

If any of this sounds confusing then I’d suggest dropping the author a message (look on the item page, above the main image and choose the “support” tab)

I’ll let you know what happens :slight_smile:

The only thing that you have to do it´s to decompress the original zip file and then install the js_composer.zip file
Good Luck with that!!


I recently purchased the WPjewelry theme and it required some plugins. I installed everything and it worked fine, but it didn’t install the plugin WP Visual Composer that was pre-packed. I also get the error that the folder already exist, but I don’t get this. I tried to have FTP acces, but because I am new to this i guess, that didn’t work for me. How can I fix this problem?