Can't find WP BAKERY in my zip file

I uploaded my Jupiter Theme and now it is saying that I need “WP BAKERY” to run the theme and it tells me to install it. But when I do I get the following error message:

Downloading installation package from…
Download failed. Not Found

Do I have to buy WP BAKERY even though it came in my Theme? I even tried re downloading the Jupiter X and it still tells me the same thing. So I think there might be something missing from my original download of Jupiter?
Any help would be great…


As in theme details page mentioned:

Included plugins:

  • WPbakery Visual Composer

So, the theme included WPbakery Visual Composer plugin you don’t need to purchase. May be when you tried server was down. Please try again and will be much hepful if you go with theme documentation how to install theme bundle plugins.

If you have still problem with the theme then the best way to get the support is Contact your purchased Theme Author. Author Support and let them know.


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also, in your downloads, its in a folder / file called js_composer