Double hard reject. Would be glad to any advice.

Hey Greenplay,

I like the basic ideas of both tracks! In my opinion the main problem is that you haven’t developed these ideas very far.

The first track is way too monotonous. I don’t know if it’s a good idea, but maybe you should introduce a ‘part b’ with different chords? Or maybe just different instrumentation, maybe just drums & bass? I don’t know, you have to try different things.

The same case can be made for the second track. Quite a cool idea, but almost no development.

As far as i am concerned, there are a few problems production-wise as well.

In the first track there’s something wrong with the compression. While the drums sound quite punchy, they also sound squashed and somehow ‘pressed’. Also, the track doesn’t sound very upfront or in your face. For example the guitars sound tiny and far away. There could be a problem with the reverbs but I can’t discern it right now.

2nd track: The guitar intro is way too low in volume. The tambourine sounds distorted and cheap and it might be too loud. I think the horns sound a bit too ‘samply’ as well, not very convincing, although I really like the idea!

To sum it up: I think there’s a lot of potential and very nice ideas. Keep trying!


Thank you, AC. Nice review. I’l think about it.