Rejected track. Why? Why? Why?

Hello, everyone!
This track was rejected.

Please, be so kind and let me know your opinion.
Thanks everyone for help)

Hello again!

Musically everything is fine.
But technically, I think there are flaws.

  1. Not enough LUFS (RMS).
  2. The lead solo instrument (bells) sounds so lonely and “sad”.
  3. In general, the composition lacks musical instruments. There is not enough general movement in the composition.
  4. Shock part could be made a little more interesting. Add a tambourine, hats, percussions, etc.

I could be wrong. I hope at least someone will correct or supplement.

Peace! :v:

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Thank you. When I’ll recast this track, I’ll try to fix it)

Is there anybody else, who could give me some advices?)

I really don’t think the volume of the production is the issue here. While producing a louder track is often desirable, many users don’t care about that and it is certainly less of a concern on an acoustic track such as this.

If I were reviewing this, I would take issue with the arrangement and the choice of some sounds. There is little change in the arrangement from one section to this next. I hear the same instruments throughout. Try introducing new instruments one at a time. Drop some instruments out from time to time. Pass the melody around. Give the user a choice in which section to use based on the variety within the arrangement. Offer rhythmic changes. The ukulele does offbeats throughout. Do some straight strumming for a while. Change the pattern.

Also, some of the sound choices could be better. The uke, drums and bass sound good (although the bass is a bit subdued in volume), but the bells and whistling seem out of the mix. Too many bends on the whistling make it seem unfocused. Both could use some reverb so they have a sense of space around them.

The biggest issue is the lack of variety within the arrangement, IMO.

Hope this helps!

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MichalskiMusic, Great thank you! Really cool comment!
I totally agree with what you wrote.
Yes, I made a mistake with reverb and balance could be better.
And, yes, I was too careless with the arrangement.
I’ll try to improve and fix all.
Great thank you again!)

The whistling sounds faked, big mistake.

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Thank you!)
Maybe there is any good VST, that you can recommend for whistle?
Big thank you)