Does the buyer have to renew the license once a year?

Hi guys! I once met information somewhere that the buyer must renew the license for your music track once a year (that is, buy the same track again in a year).

Tell me if the buyer really has such an obligation or this information has nothing to do with the truth.

Thank you very much in advance for your answers :slight_smile:

Haha one thing is 99.9999% right, and that is, they don’t. :slight_smile:


You might be thinking of tracks that are being used under the series rule. All tracks are purchased with a single use license, but the exception is if they are used in a series… which is a maximum of 52 episodes created within a year of the first installment. After that year is up, or the 52 episodes (whichever is shorter) they would have to buy a new license to keep on using the same track in their series.

Apart from that, if it’s just a single use then there’s no need to renew a license after a year.

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Yes, that’s probably what I heard about. Thanks a lot @SpaceStockFootage for your detailed answer, now everything is clear :blush:

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