Music standard License for a non-profit video series on YouTube

Hi guys,

I recently purchased a licence (Musice Standard License) for a track available on your platform, in order to use it in a YouTube video series for non-commercial use.

I just wanted to know if after one year I should buy a new licence for this product or can I use this music for an unlimited time, as long as it remains used within this series?

Thank you so much for your help,



Yes you will need a new license if you are adding to the series after a year.

A single-use license will allow you to make all 52 episodes. If you want to make more than 52 episodes, or if some episodes will be released more than a year after the first, you will need a new license (or a multi-use license).

You can find more information here


Thank you for your answer. Just to make sure:
If I don’t add new episodes after a year, I don’t need a new license?
Won’t there be any problem with the existing videos?

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Correct. There won’t be any problems with the previous videos.