Does Envato marketing works?

Does Envato email marketing works?
It’s no secret that we all would like to be a participants of Envato marketing activities. But how much marketing is effective?
Recently (05 May 2017) I received email with numerous of promoting themes.
I guess you can find it in your email box (Title of the letter: “Your Niche is Met + Big Updates from Top-Selling Creative Theme”)
I became interested, how this bulk mailing influenced on sales. With help of I found that… You can look by yourself:

Zero sales mean zero… even if you are promoted…

You can see that after 5 may no one of promoted theme can show some noticeable growth of sales.

On the other hand, at the 27 april was promoted admin template (Title of the letter: [48 Hours Only] 50% Off Angular 4 Admin Template) and the result was pretty good: regular 3 sales per day become 90 sales, but unfortunately It lasted only a couple of days and was associated more with a discount than with envato promotion.

In view of the foregoing I guess reasonable question is: Does Envato marketing works?

The reason of this was stated many times on the latest forum posts. The reason is pretty obvious.
There are TOO MANY DISTRACTIONS on the authors’ items’ pages.
Sales Funnel is TERMINATED.

What do you mean by “Sales Funnel is Terminated”?

Well, there are ads for an other markeplace on everywhere, including authors’ own items’ paegs. That’s a BIG distraction.

Agree :slight_smile: