Envato's magic of promotion in action

Just a few words. While researching for another article, I came across this item - Wordie. Those, who frequently browse Envato Forum, know that this item was recently nominated for the Envato special email campaign. Just look at the numbers - this item got almost no sales in more than a year, what is very strange, because theme looks and feels great. After the Envato campaign it got almost 90 sales in one single day. As for me, that’s amazing.

But still, as you can see, the sales seem to decrease. We will keep track of the Wordie to see if it’s daily sales amount will rise (and we hope it will).
On behalf of the Stattie team I wish @bigbangthemes good luck with further sales!

So, I’ve got a question to fellow authors: who else participated in Envato special promotional campaigns and what was the results for your items? Was it a one-time increase or your participation had a long-lasting effect?


But the price down from 49$ to 24$ on time big sales. This is not only magic envato promotion. image

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You’re totally right, but the 50% discount was necessary to take part in the campaign, according to the rules of participation.