Are you serious Envato?

Because of allowing half price offer for some items, last week’s popular themes ranking in ecommerce category became messy.

Are you serious Envato for this change? If you allow this change to wordpress category, anybody can catch up Avada too. I want an official answer on this.

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Well it’s only for a week.

Maybe, but its really something wrong and I want an official answer for this half price offer.

What was the half price promotion ?

Some themes’ price was changed as 50% for one week, and they became the top popular themes in ecommerce category last week.

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Interesting… yeh I think that type of promotion is not healthy for the market place, even though it’s only for a week, it can have a ripple effect knocking others lower temporarily which could stunt their performance. In the end it’s not really worth it, all Envato is doing is devaluing items temporarily and creating a false sense of what a popular item is. But seems like Envato is going down this path, so what can we do.

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I also agree with you, but this kind of special offer should not affect the popular theme ratings.

As I remember, X theme’s bulk sales that affected Avada’s ranking was a kind of noisy discussion on this forum.

Would also want to know an official response about this. I usually respect high quality and works of astounding members of our community, and i encourage being featured across newsletters, social media etc, but sending the item to popular is not quite fair.

Just being added into an email campaign organized by Envato is quite a huge favor. We’ll also assume it’s a growth hack and/or strategy to reduce the price to half, that’s really ok too. But it’s not fair to send the item into popular. I strongly believe that these generated sales should not count for popular.

We all know what popular means and we all know what number 1 means into top sellers.

PS: I think bulk sales should in fact go into popular, as it is now. The fact that someone would think my item is that great and to bulk purchase, well, it’s flattering and well deserved.

This is a slap in the face to other authors who worked hard to get onto popular pages without any special price promotion.


agree :kissing: they shouldn’t count 50% off sales

Can we get official answer on this?

Still waiting for reply…

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What if you released your new ecommerce theme that week :unamused: