Pricing Promotion

I have been following with great interest the pricing promotions on the new WordPress themes. I just saw an author, that had several promotions but removed them. In one comment he states the following:

Sorry for the change, we have contacted to Envato support and they
explained that we don’t have permission to give promotion for the new
item. It need to take minimum 3 months to apply the promotion, so that’s
why we removed the promotion image and set the original price for the

Question: Is there a minimum of 3 months of ongoing sales before applying a promotion? I am confused as I could not find anything about that in the new Author Driven Pricing.

Thank you!

I’ve never heard of that before. He could be confused, or just making it up! Or it’s real… but I’m sure I would have read about it in one of the many ADP threads.

@SpaceStockFootage I’ve just send you an email with the link. Maybe we can get some answers so we know if anything has changed or is about to change.

Can you please PM the item URL? I’m curious

Here’s the official explanation:

For example if you reduce your item’s price by 50% and promote this as a “50% discount” or “Save $10 - originally $20”, you must have actually offered the item at the original price for a reasonable period of time. Continuously advertising your item at a “sale”, “discount”, or “introductory" price is also illegal, as after a reasonable period of time the discounted price will have effectively become the item’s regular selling price, and so to continue to promote it as a “discount” would be misleading and deceptive.

Ah right. So it’s like the restaurant across the road that says half price cocktails, all day every day. If they’re half price every day and all day, then they’re never full price… and that means that half price is the full price. So for them to be half price, they would have to be quarter price.

But yes, what they’re essentially saying is that you can still run price promotions and you can still put your prices up and down as you see fit… you just have to be a bit careful with how you are advertising such things. I mean, the guy didn’t need to up his prices, he could have just ditched the text about the promotion and kept the price’s the same.