why prices are going down Envato ?

What is going on ?

I see that most popular themes are decreasing the price… is it something we should know ?

Authors what do you think ?

Is it just me or the sales are going down … and Envato also …

ADP bad mistake or not ?

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Now I see a $19 WordPress Theme on the main ThemeForest Page.
My thoughts…: Run without looking back.

Envato is now a very sad story.

EDIT: My apologies, my bad. I was wrong. There is not ONE, but THREE WordPress Themes with the price tag $19…

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That’s Easter egg sale off.
And we’re racing to bottom too :see_no_evil:

People are lowering their prices for one reason. This is the only way you will sell your item. We had one of out HTML item at $15 and it was selling really good, now that the promo price has ended and it’s $20 the sales dropped dramatically… Why buy something at $49 when you have 5-6 items on the same page at $19? Envato has some rules about promotions and sales but nothing happens if you don’t follow them , so people don’t really care about them…

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