Price race to the bottom

Hi all…

maybe i am just panicking but i noticed the first page of WordPress themes about 60% of them wen’t down by around 18% with prices. I see multidemo themes with woocommerce support for $49, i see magazine themes for lower prices etc.

Do you think trending is turning downwards. We kept our prices for now but will probably start experimenting with them soon, depending on the market.

Interesting fact, to be honest quite genius (none the less nasty), is that envato implemented a system were they all together lower the market prices, with that raise the sales or keep the same sales and earn more with the fees. :slight_smile:

On the other side we will have to battle each other and drop down prices to get more sales and eventually earn less in most of the cases.

But i could be wrong, i am interested what community thinks. Lets try to be more constructive since envato implemented this system and will not change it in any way as it serves them fine.