Does Envato Elements also buy the rights of the products sold?

Why products in Envato Elements are free. For example, I have a product Envato buys the rights for it by paying a certain amount and adds it to Elements? So how does the system work?

They’re not entirely free. Customers pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to Envato, and half of that amount is shared with the authors of all the items the subscriber downloads within a month. The share is slightly higher or lower depending on the item… so if the item is a theme you get more, a photo you get less. You still own the rights to your work.


Hello I also want to add Elements to my products, what should I do? Also, how much do I earn from my products? Two WordPress plugins, one for 29 and another 25.

How can I highlight my product or is it Envato? Doing.

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