If Envato Elements is subscription based how are the author paid?

If it is subscription based how are the author paid?

From what I can tell, the monthly subscription fees will be split between Envato and the authors, and the author’s cut will then be distributed by the number of items that are licensed.

If that’s right, then if Envato get $50,000 in subscriptions one month, there are 5000 items licensed, and ten of those are yours, then you’ll get a total of $50 for that month.

I could be wrong. Although I believe Envato will be clarifying the payment split situation some time soon.

I am looking for the author terms everywhere about it, as the Envato element is live and people are subscribing and downloading items, this should be the first thing to be clarified to authors. If you find any link which describes the authors cut do share it with us.

Envato Support Clarifies it here. :slight_smile: