How can I see my Elements Sales and Earnings?

How can I see my sales? and my earnings

And here is special forum part for Elements:

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thank you

Is the amount received here deposited separately?


Both are helpful article about Envato Elements author earning.

Hope Helped!

He is asking about Elements Earnings. And this thread should be placed in Elements section to not mislead other forum participants

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You are not an Elements contributor. Why do you think that for you access will be not denied?

hello thank you for your answers.

But what I want to understand is this;


$ 50 videohive

$ 100 elements

where these fees are collected.

and when transferred.

how to collect.


You’ll get notification. And you should add some payout method when you’ve applied to be a contributor on Elements - paypal or payoneer. Usually it is 16th of each month if not a weekend

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